Hello everyone, I have an official announcement to make. If you are not on my email list, please read on :).

Jul 11, 2016Blog

Hello everyone!

I wanted to make an announcement to all of you who I consider part of the New England Retirement Advisors family.

Since we have been in business, New England Retirement Advisors’ main goal has been to provide you with the best value when it comes to your investment and financial planning services. Over the last 23 years, we have grown our scope of services each year. In doing so, we have built on our years of service, knowledge and education to become one of the most comprehensive, full service firms in the area.

With growth comes change… As our services and our clientele have expanded beyond retirement planning, we have recently rebranded our company so that our “brand” more appropriately defines who we are, and what we bring to you—our family of clients. Though we were very fond of our company’s name—New England Retirement Advisors—we felt the need to present ourselves with a brand that was more in-line with all the services that we provide. After searching for the right “look, feel and tone” for our company, we have embraced a company name and identity that more appropriately communicates our value proposition. Today, I would like to formally introduce you to our new Name and Tag Line:

WealthSmith Financial Planning | Providing a better way forward

WealthSmith, the most important part of the name, displays a few things to us…

Picture a blacksmith forging the correct tool for your trade. A hard worker who puts his heart and soul into his trade and provides a product that is just right for you, at a cost that is fair, and, most importantly, at a cost that you understand. As the owner of WealthSmith Financial Planning, I believe this is what we do for you. We take the confusion out of investment management and financial planning, thus providing you with a value that is unparalleled.

We provide you with top notch investment advice and asset management. We also provide a level of financial planning as part of the fee that we charge for your investment management. We believe that it is this type of value that puts YOU, our family of clients, in the best position to fulfill your financial goals and objectives.

If it is time for us to meet, we’ll contact you shortly to set up an appointment. If it’s not time for us to meet, but you would like to schedule an appointment anyway, please feel free to reach out to us..

We looking forward to seeing you!

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